The blog became a mandatory addition to the website as a place to archive information. It’s also a place to start a thought, which could lead to a conversation, and possibly a change for the better. Maya Angelou said it best “WHEN YOU KNOW BETTER, YOU DO BETTER.” That’s what makes me grab the most knowledge I can about me, anything I can learn & do to make it all better, WELL it’s just a good thing to do. It’s really selfish of me to do all this (the blog, the website, the show) I KNOW I KNOW: I made it look like I was doing it for others. To give, to share, but….what’s deep in my heart & soul is to learn all I can from what others can bring to it. I get absolutely GIDDY at the thought of it. My FAVORITE HEALING TOOL has been sharing with others & having them be comfortable enough to share back with me. It’s always been the GRANDEST FEELING for me.

What do you think?

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