This information is resonating with me in a HUGE way since Friday when the world as a collective became aware of the Horror in Newton. On every bit of news coverage there are suggestions on how we talk to our children about it all. When I heard what others thought our youngest children birth-7 ish should be exposed to & all agreed not to bring it up, they  don’t need to know about any of it. I agree 100%, but can’t help thinking about the ENERGY IN THE ROOM. It’s a real living breathing thing THE ENERGY. When my own husband walked in the back door from work yesterday, the minute he stepped in the room he said “what’s wrong”? He didn’t have to look at me it could be felt in an instant. It’s just the ultimate sadness, grief, & dis-pare that we are all feeling. It’s the elephant in the room that you can not see, but you will darn sure trip over it because it is there & it is big.

I go back to my own childhood & those young years where we as a family & as a society didn’t talk about the ugly things, the tough stuff. So many of our own family struggles were kept from the children. But it did not mean we were not involved, we were there, we knew things were wrong with our world. When you don’t have an explanation of what it is you tend to make it up yourself. You do this to try and understand what is happening in your world, put a reason in place for what is in the air. Being a child you don’t have the reasoning ability it  takes to give you the answer you need. Your world basically is all about you & it’s either good or bad. When the energy in the air coming from the adults in your life is negative you automatically take on that it is something you have done & it was bad.

I will share a personal story on how all this played out in my life & the reason it has me thinking about the invisible elephant in the world today as soon as I can write it up. But in the mean time if you will be so kind as to read the article I have linked here & give some thought about the energy being thrown around your home & include the concept in your journey I’d appreciate it.

Thank you for your time with this.