Good Diet for returning HomeThe Set of cards I did up for Health & Hospitals

A good friends son is having a knee surgery. She posted for prayers this morning, which were given by all. I love the POWER OF GROUP PRAYER!  Anyhoo, I posted a link to this set of cards I did for the web site. It was another friend who was in the Hospital in Alabama. When I tried to reach out & find a link of a detailed list of things to know, there was not one. There was bits of information here & there. I got the idea if I could combine what I find & give the brief info. so a family member or friend could research for their specific needs. This would be some basic information to keep in mind to protect yourself & make the journey easier.

When you go to the link & on on this site. Click the picture it will go large & show you the full set. With information about how you can send for your set.

It’s my sincere hope this helps you or yours. Please pass on the information if you know of someone in need. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!!

Queen M. Quack