Only her name isn’t Fiona, & we’ll leave it at that. She’ll understand! I was asked by this fine woman, who has become a very VALUED dear person in my life to help her with some natural ways to loose weight. The belly fat seems to be winning. The 1st thing I want to share is this.

Childhood Obesity Cards-010She said to me &  many have said it before… “I know it doesn’t help but I have to have my caffeine, my Dr. Pepper fix. Careful what you say to yourself you will come to believe it.  And it’s just not true. If you see what those sodas are doing to you, you might have to rethink that one. It would be the best thing you could do for yourself to give up the HAVE TO HAVE! I’m just sayin.

An alternative might be & I love this drink.

Green Tea

When I told F she might want to try some green tea, the look on her face was the same as mine. I don’t like it we both agreed. I make it a great cocktail. I also have another cocktail I do up… Dr. Oz did a show that made me start drinking my Apple Cider cocktail. I use a large glass, ice it up, pour in about 3/4 full of carbonated water of some kind, 2 Tbsp. of the vinegar, top it off with whatever juice I have on hand.  Heres a link for more info from Dr. Oz.

Health cards-018I did a test of this drink. I drank one everyday for a week & measured my waist. I lost almost an inch in that week, without changing any of my eating habits. It’s very refreshing, zippy, with a twang.

Here’s 10 Simple Rules to Loose 5lbs.   These made perfect since to me. The ones I practice help for sure.

Herbal Appetite Suppressants  There’s a ton of information here in an article from Living Strong.

How to use essential oils to curb your cravings.

This article helps explain how oils work and which ones can help with weight loss.

Ok, here’s a good start my gurl. The one thing I do know for sure is you can try & try with all things… BUT! if you don’t work on your MIND to go along with it, your wasting your time. Here’s a link to some work I do for that. They are called re-MIND-ers.

It’s my sincere hope that the information in this blog post will help you on your journey. Please also know I am right here for any questions or support you need. I can’t ever thank you enough for all you do for me and my Mamma.