soulSpontaneous Healing is happening all the time in our bodies. This show segment made me so happy to see, I love Dr. Oz for going places with his show no other Dr. will go. When I saw Lori’s story & the experts that came to add their knowledge I knew I wanted to share it. I also knew I wanted to add what I could to my life to help. I have always felt by the time DIS-EASE is felt in the body it’s late in the game. If I can find the tools to use to keep it from getting that far I want to know, I want to use those things, I want to incorporate them into my everyday life.

Lori’s Story & the Dr. Oz segments (3)

List of Anti-inflammatory Herbs & Spices

List of Anti-inflammatory Foods

Dr. Weil’s Anti-inflammatory Food Pyramid

After the show I went to work on a set of DE-STRESSING flash cards, (coming to the web site soon)  it’s what I can do to help us all remember stress is something we all have to live with. But we can find ways to live with it without it hurting us.

DE-stress Help-010


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