According to Deepak Chopra, best way to fight stress is through mediation. But for those of you who do not know how to mediate, Deepak conducts a little Meditation 101!

Click to see the 3 minute video. It’s worth the click to do it for a few days. Has made a difference with me.

goldieANDkatieLEARNfromNUTRITIONISTThe show the other day had such wonderful ways to DE-stress. I have worked what seems like a life time on meditation. I just can’t get it. Brain will not, does not relax or turn off. So I tried this, he said minutes and it was under 5, which just seems like hours for my brain. Hey it flipped me out I did it, it worked. I felt my fingers, I felt the light, I was truly relaxed & where my thoughts and breathing went were good. I couldn’t wait to do a blog post on if for self to click on everyday.

Thanks to Katie, The Good Doc. Chopra, & Goldie for all they do to help us.

How to De-Stress your life with Goldie Hawn & Deepak Chopra. The  whole show here.



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