No Bake Energy Bars Dr. OzDr. Oz No Bake Energy Bars Recipe

Ok, here’s what happened: Saw the show, thought to self I have all the stuff to make these. I wanted to substitute the peanut butter with the almond butter I bought (not a fan of how this tastes on it’s own) made it up. I rolled the mix into balls, put them in a baggie, & put them in the fridge. I then completely forgot I had them. Forward about a week later: it’s 3:30 yesterday & I have that slump where I’m wanting a nap… I’m hungry… I want a snack… it hits me I got this give it a try.  Shocking to me NOW THIS AIN’T NO CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE but these are really good. I had one, went in for two more. It worked, they really did give me what I needed.

It makes me think this would be a perfect after school snack for kids. They could even make them, saving Mom time in the kitchen. You could substitute any dried fruit, raisins came to mind. I will be adding a recipe card to my set with this one.

The show on how to boost your energy.


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