Dr. JungerBest Quote ever on Healthy eating. “Nothing tastes as good as feeling good feels”!

10 Detox Foods that will help you loose 10 pounds

Green leafy & cruciferous vegetables, Cold water fish, Chicken (free range), Berries, Apple cider vinegar, Lemon water, Herbal teas, Coconut milk, Coconut oil, Plant based protein powder. THE TOP TEN.

This part of the program was fascinating, & the results people have gotten by being on his program very impressive.  AS I SEE IT! The knowledge of what these foods are doing for my body is definitely something I will be using on my journey. He completely lost me when he said no coffee!!! WHAT?, people could get hurt. But just thinking about it all I will definitely add lemon to every glass of water I drink. I already use the apple cider vinegar everyday.

The 3 segments Dr. Junger did with Dr. Oz are worth the time to see. The explanation of how foods work in our digestive system will help all see the light.

The Clean Program & more about Dr. Junger.

30 day meal plan from Dr. Junger Clean Team


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