307692_10151392857153707_2027196614_nAnderson Cooper Wednesday Jan. 9th, 2013. Cindi Lauper his guest host, well right there’s a must see TV. Then they do a segment with Gabrielle Bernstein the author of a new book out called MAY CAUSE MIRACLES. I’m listening: the talk of fear, then onto gratitude uh-huh. Note to self * finish the FEAR set of cards & the start the work on Gratitude yeah I’m there. Then the talk starts about the VISION BOARD! Now I am dead stop, in deep & hear the whole panel including Anderson say that is good, that will work, I am so going to do that!

This is not my 1st time hearing of the MAGICAL tool, Oprah did it years ago. She had done one & talked about using magazines, finding pictures & words that you can put on your board to visualize what you want in your life. The concept being if you can visualize it you can be it. I remember thinking at the time my VISION can be endless because of my magazine collection/addiction. I started rippin, cuttin, & filing away Visions of Grandeur. That file is still hanging around some where in the mess. I even bought the bulletin board I was going to use. It became one of those things on the list of I’ll get to that one day. I even went back to it years later when Ellen did a Vision Board, she wanted to get on the cover of “O” Magazine. Probably spent days looking to find the folder only to discover that my Visions had changed. If I’m honest with myself right now I HAD NO VISION, back then it was just wishing for one.

Fast track to Wednesdays show & what is going on in my life and BAMB!!! talk about a vision. It’s Big, it’s Clear, & it’s with every breath I take. I have the tools to make my Vision Board with a click. I have access to every possible vision I can conceive right here at my computer with my creativity & technology. I have after all found my voice with it. And the extra added bonus is when the vision changes it’s a click away to change it. I went to work, & in minutes had this made.

My Album 3-002

Oh yeah, I told you I have a VISION & it’s a Big One.

Well, now my mind goes into overdrive. I can do this for others. What ever their Vision may be, I can put the pictures the quotes the hearts & flowers on a page for them. Save them the time of rippin & tearin magaizines, they can have it on their computer to look at & become.

So, here’s my offer. If I can help you with your Visions, help you see what you can BE, help you on your journey, show your PATH as you see it….. well that is SERVICE OF THE BEST KIND!!!  If you’ve seen the web site & all that’s offered there you know I can’t charge for my GOD GIVEN GIFT of creativity. I do however, accept donations. (I WILL ALWAYS BE A WAITRESS!!) The tip jar is there. Whatever you can drop in has & will always be appreciated. It’s a great way to make a living. Was then & is now.

Send me your request to have one done. I will send you a email with what to send me & how.


Here are some links to the How’s & Why’s of Vision Boards


Gabrielle Bernstein

Wiki How

Whether you get out your magazines & start clipping & pasting or you give me a holler to help, doing a VISION BOARD is a good thing. I am very excited about mine, & the idea of me being able to help others with this just makes me giddy as SOPHIA GRACE & ROSIE at DISNEYLAND!   I love to find this kind of excitement in each & every day.

send requests to




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