photo by Robyn Harold

photo by Robyn Harold

I have been working on the idea of I AM for a couple of weeks now. I was in the kitchen, had the TV on (my noise) & suddenly heard Dr. Wayne Dyer doing a PBS show. I stopped to listen because I like him alot. I found the just of what he said in his BLOG this morning looking for a link to bring to you all.

The Power of I AM

It’s Good To Be A Kid

After the show I spent a couple of days consciously listening to all the times in a day I say to myself or someone else I am this or that. It shocked me at how so much of my I AM talk is negative. I started working on for every negative I hear smack a I AM positive thing right there to go with it.

Yesterday, an online friend Robyn Harold posted this picture and it Slapped me silly! I could not stop looking at the perfection in this shot. I have known I wanted to do up something on the subject of I AM, & seeing the picture I knew it was time & this would be my RE-MIND-ER. I am perfection.

Special thank you to Robyn for allowing me to use the shot.

Take some time in your life to ask I AM?

How to Change your life and your mind by using Affirmations


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