Dr. Oz recently had a show all about that time of year is here. Your cold & flu rescue pack was a great way to add simple help to fight off the nasty. It was finally understood by me the difference between what a cold is & what the flu is. The easiest thing to add daily is saline nose spray to clear your head of the germs. I always have this, but have never thought to use it daily. Check out the segments to get you & your family ready to take on the fight.

Natural Ways to Never Get Sick This is 5 minutes of your time that could save you a whole season from getting sick.

The following are some things I use regularly to help me stay strong.


Suzanne Bovenizer CMT,  has a helpful article on using oils to help fight colds & flu. I love living with essential oils and use them on a daily basis to help with my health journey. Essential oils are very effective in healing mind, body, & soul & don’t interfere with medications you are taking. Investigating them is worth the time.


5 Best Herbs for cold & flu season     

My favorite way to use herbs is drinking them in teas. Not all herbal teas taste that good so I add a natural 100% fruit juice, lemon, lime, or honey to flavor them. If you do get hit and get sick there’s nothing better than a cup of hot tea. Very soothing. Give it a try.


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