Alan-Wave-InsomniaA problem for so many. I am always researching this subject. I have found an over the counter that works for me, Alteril. It’s an all natural sleep aide with the main ingredient L-Trytophan. I also keep in the night stand drawer Bach Rescue Sleep which is a spray you put in your mouth. The spray I use to help on those nights I wake up to go to the bathroom & can’t go back to sleep. (Bach are flower rememdies & very natural & safe) My husband has a huge problem in that he goes to sleep almost immediately when he get’s in the bed, but wakes up in the middle of the night & can’t go back to sleep.

Yesterday on Dr. Oz there was a good segment on sleep aides. DR. MIKE DOWE  (his segment)  has some good things to check out. The one that interested me the most was the Passion Flower Powder. You’ll find more information on this in THIS ARTICLE.

My biggest sleep aide is ear plugs the Dog & Hubby both snore. I use a new set every night. Good luck with your Journey to a Good Nights Sleep. Share your finds with us please.


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