MY SHOPPING CART (thanks Dr. Oz)

KLO-A-210LOne of the biggest things about the New Year I am excited about is getting back to eating right. Since Thanksgiving I’ve gone WILLY NILLY with my food choices. I told myself I was just going to go thru the Holidays loving the best of them FOOD included. Not feeling bad or going to the GUILT bad eating can bring. I’m good with the guilt, didn’t pick it up once. But I am bad with the lbs. that came with the choices & how I feel. Yuck is HUGE! It’s all the sugar consumed. It’s the feeling of being so tired after every thing I eat.

Last year with my weight loss the DR. OZ SHOPPING CART LIST went with me shopping ever time I went.

I put up a new page on the web site under the MORE button. LINKS it’s just handy things to go to. You will find the copy of his list there. Hope it gives you all a guide when filling your cart.


What do you think?

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