ON GRIEF & LOSS (the story of why)

A set of 24 cards to help with Grief & Loss

I had a visit from a friend Dee. She had just suffered a huge loss with her Mother & Husband dieing within weeks of each other. In our talk she asked me what I was up to & I showed her the web site. When she finished looking she said “I feel so much better just looking at this”. She made my heart sing. She loved the Re-MIND-er pages & said there are so many things there I need to remember. When she left I started making this set of cards & did not stop until they were done.

The web site being almost ready but not quit I decided I would post them on my FB page for others who are having trouble during the Holidays with the Grief & Loss of a loved one. I posted them Friday morning the 14th of December. Little did any of us know what would happen next, when the news broke about Newtown, Connecticut. I sat in horror that morning and used my own cards to console me thru my tears. Looking & reading over & over. It’s my hope that they help others thru the pain. 1


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